Who We Are

Happy Tears Foundation was set up in 2018 by a group of compassionate humanitarians who believe that everyone – no matter their race, religion, or gender – deserves a chance to live a happy and fulfilling life.

The story of black Britons, from Afro-Roman times to the present, is key to showing the depth of our Britishness. And, while we exult in black Britons’ success in culture, fashion and sport, discrimination still blights our lives on a daily basis.

In our society, we have witnessed many families struggle with basic needs such as health care, food and education. Therefore we understand their battle and want to let them know that we are here for them.  

We aim to build a world where our communities living in poverty are able to better themselves by applying practical opportunities to create a better future.

we are passionate about developing the talents and potential of but not exclusively disadvantaged Black Asian Minority Ethnic communities in the UK and Africa, and we want boys and girls from Black Asian Minority Ethnic to discover and develop their talents and to strive for high standards.

Our Vision

Restoring vision to people in communities and developing nations is our cause. Our focus is on empowering individuals and creating a sustainable solution so everyone can thrive and is free from extreme poverty.

Our Mission

Strengthen communities by empowering them with knowledge, skills and proficiencies and developing their talents so they can escape poverty



Valuing the support and resources given to us, acting responsibly to ensure we use these with care and consideration.


We aspire to the very best outcomes for young people and families we support. We aspire to be the best we can be, both as individuals and as an organisation


Acting with honesty, fairness and honour in all that we do, treating all people with equal respect.


We are creative problem-solvers, both in meeting the needs of children, young people and families.

What We Do


We support lone parents experiencing financial hardship with the necessary resources to support their child’s education. 

We sponsor overseas children in disadvantaged conditions with school supplies, school fees and uniforms to help them acquire knowledge to fulfil their ambitions.


Poverty Relieve

We support people to get into employment through training, skills development, CV writing and preparation for interviews, so they can achieve financial resilience.

we also assist those with language barriers so they don’t feel excluded.

Diversity & inclusion

We promote equality, diversity, and inclusion for those whose race, ethnic group, financial constraints, or unemployment influence how they are treated in society.We support them in gaining new skills so they can thrive in society.

Health and well-being

To help young people make the right decisions for their future, we offer advice on healthy living and raise awareness of social issues within our community that are not easily addressed.

Board members

Jennifer Barry


Jennifer graduated as an accountant and finance with Leeds Beckett University before joining the British Army, now working there as a HR Specialist, Linguist and Diversity and Inclusion practitioner.

From witnessing many families face extreme poverty in her community, she started volunteering with various UK and Africa charities like Help For Heroes before deciding to become a trustee of Happy Tears Foundation.

Floke Lekane


A postgraduate student in Peace and Development at Leeds Beckett University, Flore has extensive experience working with refugees.

Stimulated by the lived experience of migration in the UK, she is passionate about equality and social justice and believes in the ability to change lives and build a better future through education.

Sonia Nanfack


Growing up in Cameroon, where so many live in poverty, she naturally developed a caring and compassionate personality.

Her life experience allowed her to understand the impact of poverty in our society specifically in the educational and health fields, and how empowering those in need can help them escape the poverty circle.

Stella Lekeufack


Stella is endowed with excellent skills in socialising and interacting with people from different backgrounds. She is passionate about supporting young people to achieve their potential through education and has been involved in benevolent activities in Cameroon designed to support young people and families improve their living conditions.

Her knowledge lies in Transport and Logistics and she has substantial experience in goods distribution.

Carole Lekeufack


Currently working as a support worker, alongside studying to build a career in nursing, Jemo is passionate about pan-Africanism and the well-being of people in need. She grew up in Cameroon and witnessed the struggle some people go through and decided to do something about it.

she then decided to join Happy Tears Foundation to fight against illiteracy and poverty.

Alexis Mbuembue


Orphan of father and mother, and in view of everything that is happening in the world today, Alexis believes that every person should at his level best try to bring a smile and comfort to those in need. This will help us to create a pleasant living environment for everyone despite social inequalities.

His involvement in charitable and well-being actions in order to contribute to reducing social inequalities and the feeling of inferiority in society.

Hassatou Bah


Hassatou has worked as a secretary for the NHS in the UK and for a number of humanitarian and development organisations at regional levels. Before joining forces to create Happy Tears Foundation with Jennifer, she was an active volunteer of Action Aid UK and the Federation of Red Cross, giving great insight into organising and managing the charity. Before coming to the UK, she had Graduated in teaching and struggled to find a job in Guinee for 3 years. She now runs her own sustainable farm, and she trains other women on how to start a farming business. She went back to University to study Rural Social Development and obtain a BSc in Agriculture in 2020. She has a vision of creating sustainable solutions for rural villages in Guinee.